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Want To Become An LPC-Supervisor?

Online Supervision Course for Counseling Practitioners offered through the

UNCG Department of Counseling and Educational Development

WHAT: CED 688A:  Contemporary Problems Seminar:  Clinical Supervision.  This is an online 3 credit-hour graduate level course that will introduce you to theories, models, and methods of clinical supervision designed to fulfill the educational requirements of becoming an LPCS as defined by the NC Board for Licensed Professional Counselors (for full description of additional requirements, go to

WHO: To be eligible for the course, you must be either:

(a) a current graduate student in the counseling program at UNCG OR

(b) a counseling practitioner who has a masters degree in counseling or closely related field, preferably licensed as a LPC.

Class size will be limited to 12 students. James M. Benshoff, Ph.D., NCC, ACS, LPC, Professor, will be the instructor.

WHEN: The 2012-2013 Winter session is from December 18, 2012 through January 22, 2012.  This course will be taught entirely in an online format.

HOW: Winter session registration begins October 29th.  Currently enrolled students can register online through UNCGenie and non-UNCG students can enroll through UNCG Division of Continual Learning (see instructions in Details section below). The tuition schedule for distance education courses can be found at

Email:    Phone: (336) 315-7044

COST:For current students, this course will be included in your tuition for Spring semester. For non-UNCG students, costs for tuition and fees are projected to be $693.21 for in-state students and $1335.27 for “out of NC” students (status for out of state students who are taking distance education courses).


  1. The course will be offered all online–no physical face-to-face meetings (so, no travel, no parking, etc.).  The primary mode of instruction and learning will be through the use of an online discussion board where we will share questions and ideas, as well as prepared course content.  In addition, we will meet 3 times online in either a video-based or chat-based virtual classroom experience.  The technology related to all of this is pretty established and easy, so you don’t need to worry about your ability to handle on online course.  We’ll help you along the way.  You only need to have reliable internet access throughout the holidays.
  2. Virtual class meetings are tentatively scheduled from 12-1:30 pm on the following dates:  Wednesday December 19th; Monday January 7th; and Monday January 21st. You must be able to attend these online class meetings.  All other work in the course will be asynchronous, so you can complete it more independently around your holiday schedules.
  3. Two texts (both of them useful, user-friendly, and not lengthy) will be used in this course.  One is a workbook designed for training counseling supervisors in the field and the other is an excellent introduction to counseling supervision that focuses a bit more on theory and research.  When you register for the course, I’ll provide you with the information you need to order these texts through or another online bookseller.  Total cost for both texts should be less than $75, and both are good resources for your professional library.
  4. Most of our course will involve readings from the 2 texts, posting reflections and responses to an online discussion board, and responding to the postings of me and your fellow students.  Since you will earn 3 hours of academic credit for this course (and since NC LPCS requirements are to have 45 hours of supervision instruction), you should plan to be able to spend about 9 hours per week on work for this course.
  5. For those planning to enroll in this course who are NOT current UNCG students, you will need to complete the application for a VISIONS or visiting and non-degree seeking student through The Graduate School.  You will need to indicate that you are enrolling for the 2012 Spring Semester (since the Winter Session is listed on the 2012 Spring Semester Schedule).  (Visions is a program offered in the Fall or Spring to visiting and non-degree seeking students who already hold a bachelor’s degree.)  The website for this application is

If you have any questions concerning the VISIONS application, you should contact The Graduate School directly at 336-334-5596 and they can assist you.  Once you are admitted as a VISIONS student, our department secretary, Blaire Westmoreland (, can enroll you in the course. If you have questions about the course, please contact Dr. James Benshoff at

5.  Class size is limited to 12 students, so I strongly recommend that you register as early as possible.


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