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Program Mission and History

CED Mission Statement

The students and faculty of the Department of Counseling and Educational Development are a diverse community of learners collaboratively engaged in research, scholarship, leadership, and service in the counseling profession. Our collective goals are to prepare professional counselors committed to providing culturally competent counseling services that enhance the mental health and well-being of families, groups, couples, and individuals across the lifespan, and to advocate on behalf of our clients and our profession. In support of its national standing, the Department seeks to advance the field through its educational goals, scholarly/research efforts, and professional leadership.

At the entry-level, we are committed to academic and clinical excellence through educating counselors to be leader-practitioners. At the doctoral level, we are committed to developing professionals who excel in teaching and supervision, who are advanced counseling practitioners, and who are skilled researchers, scholars, and leaders, ready to make significant contributions to the field.

CED Diversity Statement

The Department of Counseling and Educational Development (CED) values multiculturalism by championing diversity, including, but not limited to, nationality, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, size, gender, socioeconomic/class status, religion, languages, spirituality, physical abilities, health, veteran status, and age.  Diversity permeates CED’s curricular and clinical experiences.

Further, CED is dedicated to training culturally competence counselors to work in diverse settings, with diverse clients, and to advocate for underserved clients and populations.  Also, CED is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and students who promote equality, social justice, and well-being in all they do.

Additionally, CED is committed to ongoing dialogue, exchange of ideas, and immersion experiences that promote empathy toward all individuals so that our faculty, staff, and students truly promote culturally competence counseling, teaching, and research as a core value.

February 18, 2014


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